RE 4: Key Individual Cat III

Key Individual (RE4)

First Level FAIS Regulatory Examination Preparation Workshop


This regulatory examination focuses on your role and responsibilities as a Key Individual.  The workshop will be covering the Codes of Conduct for Administrative FSPs, all the relevant Board Notices and Acts as prescribed by the FSB.  This examination consists of 30 questions.

Who needs to attend

Applicants and/or Key Individuals in Category III FSPs, who are responsible for managing and overseeing a business relating to the rendering of Financial Services, are required to write this examination.

What we offer

Preparing you by working through the 11 Tasks as well as the 34 Qualifying Criteria and 23 Skills Criteria, the relevant Board Notices, Codes and Acts as stipulated by the FSB’s updated Preparation Guide for level 1 Regulatory examinations.  [Section 3: First Level Regulatory Examination: Applicants and/or Key Individuals in Category III FSPs (RE4)]. 

The tasks are as follows:

  1. Apply the Category III FSP business model
  2. Understand the role of the independent nominee.
  3. Manage and oversee client mandates.
  4. Manage and oversee typical daily transactions.
  5. Manage and oversee disclosures.
  6. Understand the legal environment of the Category III FSP.
  7. Apply the record keeping requirements.
  8. Comply with requirements when reporting to clients.
  9. Apply knowledge of the accounting and unit reconciliations.
  10. Apply knowledge of how intermediaries must be licensed before they do business.
  11. Deal with rebates.

The Course includes:

  • A 1 day workshop
  • Full colour printed workbooks handed to learners at the workshop
  • Access to a Learner Support Centre that provides administrative support by:
    • Scheduling workshops
    • Scheduling learners for workshops and exams
    • Communicate via email or sms to each individual on workshop and exam information
    • Content support by handling content or administrative queries

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